Home I came late one eve to find — lain across my letter desk — a strange manuscript that bid fair warning of The Oke Tree of Death. It read:

I got hired to cut trees in a nice forest. 
I went. 

I heard something, and I saw… a bunny. 
I kept going. 

I heard it again… "It's probably another bunny."
"It is not a bunny!"

This is a very small game based on a book my kid wrote. He loves jump scare games, so he's delighted with it. Built (mostly) over a weekend as a personal challenge.


  • There is a way to know which tree is The Oke Tree of Death.
  • Play through once to unlock an option on the menu to read the original book.
  • Best in browsers supporting WebGL 2.0 (Chrome, Firefox)
Release date Nov 10, 2017
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, jump-scare, Unity, webgl
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

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